What is Touch Rugby?

Touch Rugby is a year-round participation programme that encourages new players to try a minimal contact, inclusive version of the game and inspires former players to return to a sport they love.

With an emphasis on social fitness, music and pitch up and play activity, Touch Rugby breaks down barriers to participation and is strengthening our member clubs by growing playing opportunities in local communities.

Every Wednesday at 7.30pm

Managed by Spond: Join here

Touch Rugby Operators

  • Lee Bradshaw
  • Andrew Scattergood
  • Kris Drane
  • Ed Habgood
  • Lee Wayland

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Want to be a Touch Rugby Ambassador for ELRFC?

We are looking for 2 ambassadors to help market and promote Touch Rugby in the local community. You will be 16-30 yrs old, enjoy playing touch and be great at using social media.

Get in touch and let us know why you would be a great Ambassador.

Big Summer Kick Off touch tournament

Timings and Details for the day are as follow:

  1. Team registration and arrival from 8:00-8:30
  2. Matches Kick Off 09:00
  3. Matches End 13:15
  4. Harlequins Player Walkover 13:45
  5. All to have departed The Stoop 14:00


Entry to the ground will be through the main doors in the DHL Stand, where registration will take place.

Registration will be in the DHL lounge to which the entrance is on the back of said stand. Each team will be given an allocated seating area in the DHL stand which will be your teams base camp on the day.

Match Play:

Group matches are to commence at 9:00, followed by semi-finals and finals. The finals are scheduled to finish by 1315. Games will be 11 minutes and run straight through with no half time. All teams are required to supply their own kits for matches (we have new tops being delivered this week), also please wear appropriate rugby boots for the weather on the day. Access to the pitch will be via the Southeast corner, please do not jump over the barriers.

Friends and family are welcome to come and spectate, but they will not be allowed on the pitch, any spectators must stay in the stand or in the concourse area.

At 13:45 Harlequins Men’s players will be walking over from The Stoop to Twickenham Stadium, they will walk through the North Car Park and over the bridge to the ground. You are welcome to line the path and join the guard of honour which forms from fans of all ages to cheer the team on.


The Chris Robshaw bar will be open to use the bar and toilet facilities, please note due to licencing restrictions no alcohol will be on sale before 1100.

Toilets will be available in the Chris Robshaw bar and 2 hospitality boxes will be set up for private changing areas if you wish to use them, these will be up on the first floor and access through the DHL entrance.

There will also be a food van on site serving breakfast options from registration time.

We hope the weather is on our side, please bring water bottles with you as there will be top up points around the bar area.

There will be a first aider on site, the teams own Sam Davies. There will also be an ambulance on site with X2 crew members, should you require their assistance please make yourself known to them.

Lee Wayland
Marketing and Communications

Touch Rules

  • Play starts and restarts at the centre with a “tap”. This is performed by moving the ball on the ground with the foot, free from the hands, and then picking it up. Penalties are performed using the same procedure. On both a re-start and penalty the defending team must retreat at least 10 metres
  • Six players are allowed on the field at any one time, with up to eight substitutes off the field. Reserves can be continuously substituted at any time from one side of the field
  • A try is scored by grounding the ball on, or behind, the try-line. One point is awarded for a touchdown
  • A touch is legitimate and minimal contact between a player in possession and a defending player. A touch includes contact on the ball, hair or clothing and may be made by a defending player or by the player in possession. The referee is the sole judge of the touch and has the discretion to overrule a claim (so play to the whistle!). An attacking player may affect the touch by deliberately touching the opposition
  • When touched, the player in possession must place the ball on the ground at the exact point of the touch. Play is re-started by stepping over the ball. It can be controlled with a hand or foot. This is known as a rollball. The ball may not roll more than a metre. A player may not perform a rollball unless touched
  • The player picking up the ball (the half) may run, but if touched by an onside defender a changeover of possession occurs. The half may not score and a changeover (rollball) will be awarded if this occurs
  • After six touches with no score, possession changes. The attacking team begins play with a rollball
  • During a rollball, all defending players must retire to the onside line set by the referee (at least 7m). The defending team cannot move forward until play restarts, nor interfere with play whilst retreating. A restart occurs the moment the ball is tapped (for a tap) or the half touches the ball (for a roll ball). Players may not delay the game by deliberately delaying a roll ball
  • If the attacking player, when making a quick start, is touched by an offside defender, the referee may call for play to continue or give a penalty tap
  • When a rollball is taken within 7 metres of the scoreline the defending players must retreat with both feet to behind their scoreline before they can make the touch. If a player is touched in the touchdown zone before grounding the ball the touch counts and play is restarted on the 7-metre line
  • If the ball is dropped or if a player crosses the sideline before being touched, a change of possession will occur
  • A penalty is awarded for infringements including forward pass, offside play, performing a roll ball over the mark,claiming a touch when none was made, using more than minimum force to make a touch, interfering with the roll ball and passing the ball once touched. When a penalty is awarded, the referee will give the mark where the Tap Ball must be taken and set the onside line for the defence (at least 10m)
  • If the defending team unsuccessfully intercepts the ball or it is intentionally knocked down, the attacking team restarts their possession (‘six again’)
  • No obstruction, excessive contact, verbal abuse or foul play will be tolerated – the referee is sole judge. A penalty will be awarded in such cases and players can be removed from the field. Serious or continual foul play of any nature will result in the player being sent off without a replacement

Touch Rugby Team (TBC)

  1. Charlie Ryan
  2. Paulo Couto
  3. Paul Di Paola
  4. Lee Wayland
  5. Lee Bradshaw
  6. Ruth Ormsby-Ashworth
  7. Bex
  8. Sam Maycock
  9. Dan Rogers
  10. Kristian Drane
  11. Edward Habgood
  12. James Kelly
  13. TBC

Every Wednesday 19.30 at KGV, Browns Lane.