Eagles Cash Prize Draw

The Eagles Cash Prize Draw is a great way to support the club and grab the chance to win big cash prizes!

The format is simple – you pay a £50 annual subscription, receive your personal number, and get entered into a monthly cash prize draw (September to May). In each of these months there is a £100 prize to be won and in December we draw the jackpot prize of £1000!

Support the club and grab the chance to win big cash prizes!

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WINNERS 2023-24 Season

Dec 23 £100: No.59 – M Giles
Dec 23: £1000: No.83 – S Smith
Nov 23 £100: No.25 – A Stuttard
Oct 23 £100: No.18 – J. Graham
Sep 23 £100: No.64 – Wyn Francis

Previous Winners

WINNERS 2022-23 Season

May 23 £100: No. 97 – G Page
Apr 23 £100: No.67 – D Ford
Apr 23 £250: No.3 – A Hamilton
Mar 23 £100: No.32 – R Cotton
Feb 23 £250: No.14 – A Stuttard
Feb 23 £100: No.4 – T Haywood
Jan 23 £100: No.27 – J Howard
Dec 22 £1000: No.57 – S Askew (Not a typo!)
Dec 22 £100: No.26 N McIntosh
Nov 22 £100: No. 27 J Howard
Oct 22 £100: No.13 D Kelshall
Sept 22 £100: No.32 – R Cotton

WINNERS 2021-22 Season

May 22 £100: No.78 – W Hennessey
Apr 22 £250: No.46 – P White
Apr 22 £100: No.41 – C Maroudas
Mar 22 £100: No.37 – N Skeet
Feb 22 £100: No.100 – O Parry
Feb 22 £250: No.45 – G Hardwick
Jan 22 £100: No. 49 – S WilliamsDec 21 £100: No.01 – C King
Dec 21 £1000: No.57 – S Askew
Nov 21 £100: No.07 – P Couto
Nov 21 £100: No.96 – J Broadest
Oct 21 £100: No.95 – P Coll

Eagles Cash Prize Draw Rules

  1. The name of the draw is the Eagles Cash Prize Draw (“the Lottery”) regardless of the number of shares.
  2. The Lottery will be administered by a Promoter appointed by the Management Board of Effingham & Leatherhead R.F.C (“the Club”). Any change in the details of the Promoter will be publicised on the Club notice board and on the Club website.
  3. Only Members of the Club, or visitors to the club, aged 16 or over are entitled to purchase shares in the Lottery but parents or guardians of younger Members may also purchase shares. A purchaser of a share becomes a Participant in the Lottery. Participants are entitled to hold any number of shares.
  4. The number of shares in the Lottery shall be unlimited and each share shall be allocated a unique number.
  5. The Lottery shall run from 1 September to 31 May each year. There shall be a draw made for each calendar month and the prize(s) value shall be as set out in the attached schedule.
  6. Prize-winners will be announced in the club house and notified at the last email address held by the Promoter for that Participant. It is the responsibility of a Participant to advise the Promoter of any change. The Promoter will use his best endeavours to locate prize-winners but any prize winner not located within 6 months will be deemed a donation to the Club. A list of prize-winners will also be posted on the Club’s website.
  7. The subscription for each share is £50.00 per annum payable annually.
  8. A Participant’s share(s) will participate in the monthly draws for as long as payment has been made for the month of the draw. Every paid up share will be included in every monthly draw. Any Participant whose subscription falls into arrears shall automatically forfeit the right to be included in any future draw until payment is made.
  9. All Participants are entitled to attend the draws, which will be held in the club house and overseen by a member of the Club Management Board.
  10. The Promoter will not pay a prize to any Participant other than the purchaser(s) of a winning share.
  11. No subscription will be refunded.
  12. If the number of paid up shares falls below 40 the Lottery may be terminated and a draw held for remaining prizes as deemed appropriate by the Club Management Board.
  13. If the number of paid up shares exceeds 225 then additional prizes will be added.
  14. The Promoter will determine any dispute. An appeal may be made to the Management Board of the Club, who will convene a sub-committee consisting of Chairman of the Management Board, Treasurer and another member of the Management Board whose decision shall be final.