I am standing in a large, wet field
Five and a half years old
Surrounded by loads of other kids
Shivering in the cold

We’re here because our dads said so
They promise it’ll be fun
We’re thrown a funny egg shaped ball
We catch it then we run

Now aged 9 the game’s got tough
We’re playing proper matches
We get tackled but get back up again
Covered in bruises and scratches

So now we move to 12 a side
The hits have got more hard
But every phase we must move forward
Yard by yard by yard

Bloodied and bruised arriving home
It always is the same
Some friends of mine question me
About why I play this game

Making hits, scoring tries
To attack or to defend
Knowing that my mates are there
On who I can depend

Rugby is my passion
It makes me feel alive
Rugby is my sport
Since the age of five