Bring the Whole Family

Boys and girls of all shapes & sizes, ages: U6-U18, Barbeque and Sweets, Drinks at the Eagles Nest, Bounty Castle and Face Painting!

We are a Community

The Eagles are affiliated to the RFU, Surrey County RFU and the London Society of Referees.

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Pitch Up and Play


The Eagles Community Day 2023

Effingham & Leatherhead RFC are hosting their annual Pitch up and Play Rugby on the 10th September 2023. 14 teams involved across the age groups from U7 to U18.

Training starts at 10:00

The fun continues until 14:00

Pitch up and Play at: Browns Lane, Effingham, KT24 5ND

Interested in your child playing rugby? No Experience? Not sure where to start? No problem! The Eagles are the club for you!

Come and play rugby at your local community club. New members of all ages, abilities, gender are welcome. Eagles run training from 4 to 18 years old, seniors to Touch Rugby.

Learn and play along at an RFU Accredited and Harlequins Affiliated club in the heart of Surrey.

Kids First Rugby is played at the Eagles.

  • Aimed at U7-U13 boys and girls, it upskills coaches and creates a great rugby environment, so that everyone stays in the game for longer.
  • Put children at the heart of everything we do.
  • Encourage fun on the pitch through equal opportunity and realistic expectations of children.
  • Build the skills of our adults to provide a safe, healthy, respectful and enjoyable environment for children.
  • Develop children’s confidence and character as players and as people, challenging any behaviour that conflicts with this.
  • Champion rugby’s Core Vales inspiring a lifelong bond between children, adults and sport.

There will be a BBQ, drinks, bouncy castle, obstacle course, face painting and plenty of fun games.

Please encourage school friends, fellow Cubs and Scouts, club friends, brothers and sisters to come down and experience a wonderful family club run by the Members for the Members.

Any questions in advance, contact the relevant age group head coach, see below.

Key Contacts:

Year GroupSchool YearBirth RangeYGMEmail
U5sR01-09-2018 to 31-08-2019Gareth Pullenmoc.liamtoh@nalluphterag
U6s101-09-2017 to 31-08-2018Gareth Pullenmoc.liamtoh@nalluphterag
U7s201-09-2016 to 31-08-2017Colin Mandermoc.oohay@rednamniloc
U8s301-09-2015 to 31-08-2016Olly Parrymoc.liamg@1yrrap.yllo
U9s401-09-2014 to 31-08-2015Katie Whartonku.oc.sdnimrevarb@etak
U10s501-09-2013 to 31-08-2014Paul Di Paolamoc.liamtoh@aloap_id_p
U11s601-09-2012 to 31-08-2013Drew Scattergoodku.oc.liamtoh@tacswerd
U12s701-09-2011 to 31-08-2012Chris Kingmoc.liamg@vxgnik.s.c
U13s801-09-2010 to 31-08-2011Ted Littlewoodmoc.liamtoh@doowelttilsdet
U14s901-09-2009 to 31-08-2010Lee Waylandku.oc.ngisedwl@eel
U15s1001-09-2008 to 31-08-2009Kris Dranemoc.liamg@enardk
U16s1101-09-2007 to 31-08-2008Justin Brookfieldmoc.httworromot@bnitsuj
U17s1201/09/2006 to 31/08/2007Gus Grahammoc.tenretnitb@maharg.sug
u18s1301/09/2005 to 31/08/2006Gus Grahammoc.tenretnitb@maharg.sug