Weybridge Vandals RFC vs Eagles U17


David v Goliath!

Never has there been a truer phrase as “the bigger they are, the harder the fall”!!!! Weybridge must have been at least 200kg heavier than us in the pack, their facial hair was much more impressive and they certainly smashed us in the tattoo department.

But, none of that matters to our team who out performed the opposition in every area of the game winning 0-12 and had we not be playing on such a stodgy pudding of a pitch I’m pretty sure we would have run in another 20 points!!!

We out scrummed them with a far better technique and we ran in 2 trys with  the second one scored by Tom Marvin showing fantastic running lines and great hands.  However, our defence to a man in the second half was monumental keeping out the Weybridge monsters from crossing our line!! And of course, our team spirit was exceptional as we showed once again we will not take a backward step no matter what the circumstances!! Well played everyone and the unbeaten season continues with the run now at 14 games!!

Report Bill Wilcox

David v Goliath!


Date Time League Season Full Time
11/02/2018 12:00 pm Harlequins Cup 2017-2018 70'


Weybridge Vandals RFC00Loss
Eagles Junior Colts U172112Win


Weybridge Vandals RFC
Walton Ln, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames KT12 1QP, UK