Effingham and Leatherhead 7 : Old Rutlishians 19

A close fought contest ultimately saw the away side take their opportunities whereas Effingham were profligate with their chances.

Effingham enjoyed early possession with forwards Rob Marsh and Sam Maycock  getting over the gain line with ease and the ball being recycled quickly but Old Ruts went offside to concede the first penalty.  Sam Manning slid the kick wide and a further opportunity 5 minutes later also missed the mark.  Old Ruts soaked up the pressure and then began to build momentum and took the lead from a line out drive which saw them pound the home sides line before eventually the number 8 went in close to the posts.  The kick was converted to give them a slender half time lead.

The Ruts lead was doubled when penalty errors by Effingham allowed them to gain crucial field position and with the ball being moved wide the centre went in at the corner to take them out to a 14 point margin.  A further Ruts score saw the number 9 break from inside his own half and he had the pace the outstrip the cover to score in the corner.

Effingham came back and a trade mark Sam Maycock try from 2 yards out saw them gain their first points of the afternoon.  Further Effingham pressure was repelled by the Old Ruts who held on for a 19 – 7 victory.


Date Time League Season Full Time
30/10/2021 3:00 pm Surrey 1 2021-2022 80'


Eagles Senior 1XV17Loss
Old Rutlishians’ RFC 1XV319Win


Effingham & Leatherhead RFC
Browns Ln, Effingham, Leatherhead KT24, UK